Generals terms and conditions of use
This document describes the general conditions of use of the documents published on the Mediterranean Posidonia Network Media Library. The media available to users of the Media Library are protected by intellectual property rights.
Users of the MPN Media Library undertake to use the visuals, videos and any other media made available to them solely for the uses they declare and in compliance with the negotiated rights.
Under no circumstances may they be used for commercial or advertising purposes.
Users also undertake never to use the contents in a context that would harm or serve the MPN’s missions. Media may not be distributed to a third party (press, partner, etc.) without the prior agreement of the MPN Task Force. Before each download, users must specify the context in which they wish to use the protected content.

Copyright and compulsory notice
The author’s name must always be associated with his or her work. Any publication of a document or distribution of media originating from the MPN Media Library must be credited. Any use other than that originally intended must be the subject of a new prior request. In all cases, the user undertakes never to infringe the economic or moral rights of the authors or beneficiaries of the photographs or other media he or she wishes to use, and remains solely responsible to the authors, third parties and the MPN for the use made of these media, particularly in the event of retouching or editing affecting the published photographs. Copyright in photography is governed by the law of July 1, 1992 on literary and artistic property (which includes the laws of March 11, 1957 and July 3, 1985). Protection of person and property is governed by law no. 70-743 of July 17, 1970.

Limitation of liability
In the event of legal action, whether contentious or not, being taken against the Mediterranean Posidonia Network as a result of illicit use of the media by a user of the Media Library, the said user undertakes to intervene in the dispute and to reimburse the MPN for any sums that the establishment may be required to disburse (damages, legal fees, etc.).

The MPN also reserves the right to take any measures against a user for any illicit use of the media by the latter (with a ban on access to the Media Library).

Any retouching or intervention on the entire media is strictly forbidden. The user who contravenes these stipulations is solely responsible for any claims resulting from modifications or use of the images or other documents. Photographs, videos or other documents are provided “as is” without warranty of any kind. The user shall indemnify the MPN, its affiliates, employees and directors against all claims, liabilities, costs, damages and expenses which the MPN may incur as a result of the use of the images or other documents, or as a result of the user’s failure to comply with these terms and conditions of use.